SUNDAY AM OVERVIEW  |  June 18, 2017

Unstoppable Loyalty

Read: Acts 14:1-7

Conversation Starters

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Discuss  - 

Ask - 

Action Step:


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SUNDAY PM RECAP  |  June 11, 2017

Serve Your Bosses

     Ephesians 6:5-8 can be a weird passage about slaves obeying masters. Is Paul saying slavery is ok? Not exactly. This is the third section of three points of submitting to one another to serve and love each other....yes even the authorities over you! In joyfully submitting, serving, and loving your "masters", you may just be an example of Christ to them and lead them to Christ!

Read: Ephesians 6:5-8

Conversation Starters

Share  -  an example of an awesome boss you had in the past. Also, share a boss that was hard to love and why.

Discuss  -  how tough people to work for and follow can become an opportunity to love and share Christ with them and others. How can submission and obedience be a way to lead?

Ask  -  where are areas in my life where I'm choosing my right and pride over submission and obedience? According to these scriptures, what would it look like to better honor God with how I respond?

Action Step: 

When asked to do something this week from or for someone else, choose to do it in full enthusiasm and go out of your way, the extra mile to serve them. See how this may change your attitude and impact the person being served.

Additional Reading: James 1:1-4, Matthew 5:38-28,