Black Friday Babysitting Bash - November 24th, 2017
AM Session 7:00-11:00AM & PM Session 11:00AM-3:00PM

Interested in a stress-free Black Friday shopping without having to drag your tired child around? We are offering a morning and afternoon Black Friday babysitting session for 12 month-olds through 6th graders. Enjoy your bargain hunting without worrying about snack time, nap time, or your child's complete boredom. Your child will have a blast, and you will get to enjoy a few moments to yourself! The last day to register or make a payment is November 20th, so don't wait too long to sign your child up.

 CLICK HERE to register now, or contact Trinity Child Care for more information at 317-849-9551.                  

Pricing Chart: 

AM Session (7:00AM-11:00AM)
One child AM only $40
Two children AM only $65
Three children AM only $90
Four children AM only $115

PM Session (11:00AM-3:00PM)
One child PM only $40
Two children PM only $65
Three children PM only $90
Four children PM only $115

Both Sessions (7:00AM-3:00PM)
One child both sessions $65
Two children both sessions $115
Three children both sessions $165
Four children both sessions $215

Please note that there is a late fee of $1 per minute after the end of each session.