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At TrinityKids we love God, we love one another, and we help others know and love God.  We have a deep conviction that the children we serve are … made for more  than anything this world has to offer!  

We also know that parenting is the most important responsibility that you have.  For that reason, we want you to know that we are here for you and your family.


Here's a look at what we have going on each Sunday at TrinityKids:

  • Nursery – our babies are spiritually nourished in the loving embrace of our Nursery A-Team.  They are fed pure spiritual milk by listening, observing, and experiencing worship songs, prayer, Bible verses, and Bible stories.
  • Early childhood – it is now time for fruits and veggies.  Our toddlers and preschoolers now follow along as our Sunday school team leads them in worship, prayer, Bible verses, and Bible stories. 
  • Elementary K-4th graders – our school agers are now ready for meat and potatoes.  At this stage our role is to equip them as disciples of Christ through our SOAPY Bible study (1st hour) and our L.I.T. Ministry (Leaders in Training, 2nd hour) where school agers are given the opportunity to participate on our worship, drama or leadership team during our TrinityKids Praise service.


Sunday Children's Ministry:

8:30am  TrinityKids, Jr.  infants - 4 years

10:00am  TrinityKids, Jr.  infants - 4's5s,  TrinityKids K- 4th grade

11:30am  TrinityKids, Jr.  infants - 4's5s,  TrinityKids K-4th grade


We'd love to answer any further questions that you might have.  Feel free to email us at to set up a meeting.

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