Learning environment designed to provide constructive learning experiences through learning centers, creative expression and indoor/outdoor play.

Each play area in the Child Care is designed with a purpose and include diverse materials including dramatic play, manipulatives, science, books, blocks, art, sensory stations, music, and math.

 Indiana Foundations.

Academic standards have been established to promote excellence and equity in education. Excellence is important in education today for future success. Academic standards represent the essential content every student needs in order to have a basis for understanding a subject area.  The Foundations include skills and experiences for children’s development and address skills and competencies that children are to achieve from birth to age five. The Foundations serve as a guide for educators to use in assisting young learners gain knowledge and skills in the early years that will prepare them forsuccess in school. an early learning framework to guide early childhood educators in understanding and implementing classroom practices that facilitate learning of essential skills and knowledge young children require to be prepared for kindergarten.


The Child Care has an open door policy to all of our families and encourages involvement through special activities and fieldtrips.  Our staff will help each child develop good self-esteem and self-control through developing healthy boundaries in a kind and loving environment.  Good communication is essential and provided through daily reports, newsletters and emails.

At Trinity Wesleyan and Kids Kastle, we are proud to teach the A Beka® Curriculum, starting at Age two.  We also use a thematic approach to enhance the curriculum and provide quality education from a Christian perspective.  Our qualified, loving staff provide an exceptional learning experience for each child which includes the following:

  • Art
  • Science
  • Movement
  • Music
  • Outdoor play
  • Sensory activities (smell, sight, feel, taste, hear)
  • Imaginative play
  • Bible Stories
  • Discovery
  • Small Motor & Gross Motor activities

Our Program Provides

  • An environment where children "learn how to learn" by helping them discover answers through hands-on learning activities that stimulate their curiosity and creativity. 
  • Language development, as well as thinking and motor skills. 
  • Interaction with other children through cooperative learning activities together with social skill awareness; i.e., good manners and appropriate ways to behave. 
  • Curriculum activities that foster a positive self-image in each child and facilitate in their intellectual, social, emotional & physical development. 
  • Teacher flexibility within the curriculum to adapt activities according to the needs of the child. 

We feel that a child's early learning years are a partnership between the parents and the teacher. Parents stay informed of what is happening in their child's education through informal communication, our Parent Newsletter, the Daily Activities Calendar and the completed learning activities that the children will bring home with them every day.