Get involved!!!

Are you looking for ways to invest in the Kingdom and future of the Church? Check out the links below for opportunity to pour into, support, and give back to Trinity Student Ministries!


       One common denominator for all growing kids is that FOOD seems to bring them together. We believe food is a valuable tool to create a warm, welcoming community for our students and love to serve our kids in this way. We have a need for volunteers to bring food in the mornings and evening events.

If you'd be interested in finding out more about serving our students with Food and getting on the schedule, please email our volunteer coordinating guru Sherry Johnson at


       At Trinity Student Ministries, we value building relationships and spending quality time we each other. Thus, OVERTIME was brought to life as a way to build that community. OVERTIME is a gathering in someone's home once a month that happens after Student Group on Sunday nights. If you'd be interested in being a host of an OVERTIME, please contact our volunteer coordinating guru Sherry Johnson at