SUNDAY AM OVERVIEW  |  November 19, 2017

It's Complicated - Distractions!!!

          This Sunday we heard a message from Pastor John about hearing and discerning God's will over other voices that speak into our lives. In a world where we are so connected with other voices that can influence our lives, God's voice can get mixed in with a lot of static and noise. What are we to do? 

Read: Acts 20:16

Conversation Starters

Share - an experience where you really weren't sure what God wanted you to do. 

Discuss  - What influences and voices were good? What voices and influences were distractions? What ended up happening? Did you ever get clarity on what God was telling you?

Ask -  What are distractions in our life that keep us from hearing God's will for us? How can we shut those off or remove ourselves from distraction? Who or what speak God's truth to us and can help us better discern God's will? How can we surround ourselves with these influences?

Action Step:

         Identify distractions that keep us from God. What things, even if they are good things, are still keeping us from God's best for us? Create a strategy to quiet the distractions: shut them off, ask them to leave, remove yourself from the situation. Then, find the positive God honoring things to fill your time and attention with.     


Additional Reading: John 10:27, Psalm 46:10

SUNDAY PM RECAP  |  November 5, 2017



Conversation Starters

Share  - 

Discuss  -  

Ask  -   

Action Step: 


Additional Reading: